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Briony Redman: Theory of Positivity

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Sunday 6th August 13.10




In 2016 we were entranced by (and fell a little in love with) Briony Redman with her "Secret Show" deservedly winning the DARKCHAT award for Best Comedy. (We also rather enjoyed meeting her mother in the bar beforehand).


This year she returns to Pleasance This with "The Theory Of Positivity". There are distinct similarities with last year's show, the inter-action of various characters in a selection of seemingly unlinked sketches whilst trying to write the perfect movie script combining rom-com, action, detective themes etc.


As always she has a great rapport with the audience although I don't think my death-rattle (twice) was the greatest

performance I have given at this year's festival. Once again she demonstrates her writing and comedic talents (as

well as being extremely likeable) although, if I am honest (like a good reviewer should be) we felt there was a little

more lulls and padding than last year. However, we saw her on Day 3 of the festival so there is plenty of time to hone

the material.


Despite the above misgivings Briony is still a talent and well worth spending an hour of your time with. Also, if you

have your wits about and contribute positively you may leave with .... chocolate!!


Briony is clearly a giving person & whilst I handed her the obligatory DARKCHAT reviewers card we came away with

our own award, an engraved trophy (with her face on it) rewarding us for " Best Review Of The Year".


What a legend!



Briony Redman: Theory of Positivity is

at Pleasance Courtyard until August 28th (not 16th)