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Briony Redman:

Secret Show

Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33)

Monday 8th August, 13.00


It is no secret to Darkchat that Briony Redman is a talented performer and writer, for we have fond memories of being blown

away by ‘Farce Noir: The Big Sheep’ 3 years ago, and have been left salivating for more ever since. Thankfully for us, and for

you also if you shake a leg and buy some tickets before the end of the Fringe, she’s back, but was she worth waiting for?


Thankfully we can keep it to ourselves no longer; yes, she most certainly was. This one-woman sketch comedy show is as

good as anything you can catch at the Fringe, for so many reasons.


The material is of high quality, with a wide array of delicious one-liners and puns; she charmingly engages in audience

participation, getting several people involved but always checking first if they are comfortable (thanks to an intriguing sticker

system); and there’s just enough silliness to get you guffawing with laughter on several occasions. With not even the slightest

hint of a low, we left fully satisfied, praying only that it would not take another 3 years for our next dosage of Redman.


Hopefully the worst kept secret at the Fringe.




Briony Redman: Secret Show plays daily until Aug 29th (not 16th)

at Pleasance Courtyard