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Becky Brunning: Beaming

Cabaret Voltaire

Sunday 6th August 18.45



You often take a chance on a Fringe show for various reasons, recommendations from friends, a comic from a panel show or (very occasionally) if someone flyers you and you like the look of the show. In all the years we’ve been attending the Fringe I don’t think we’ve ever before chosen a show as the performer was someone who we had seen brilliantly portray an abused housewife in a top TV drama.


So it was with intrigue we set out to  see if Becky Brunning could wow us with comedy as well as with dramatic performance

for her stand up debut hour ‘Beaming’.  We head to Cabaret Voltaire and find Becky flyering outside and she seemed a little

surprised to hear that we were there to see her, we then head Upstairs to the smallest room I’ve ever seen as a Fringe venue

(and I’ve seen some small ones!)  At that point my hopes weren’t too high of seeing a quality hour.


However I shouldn’t have worried as the hour passes with plenty of laughs, Brunning’s humour is fairly gentle and she enjoys

some good-natured banter with the audience, in truth she doesn’t seem the kind of comic to savage an audience member and

luckily we don’t suffer any heckling from the small crowd so don’t find out how that might have played out.  


The storytelling is decent and fairly relatable for the audience and in particular the final story about her own wedding is

particularly funny (and also perhaps surprising; no spoilers!)  The show also started well but did perhaps dip slightly in the

middle but with time there is every chance that Brunning will develop into a comic worth returning to each year at the Fringe

should she choose to turn her talents to this more than once.



And Cress.




Becky Brunning: Beaming is playing at Cabaret Voltaire

at 18.45 until 26th August (not Mondays)