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Rob Auton - Sleep Show

Banshee Labyrinth

Thursday 10th August, 16.00


DarkChat are fans of Rob Auton, having seen his last three shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year we returned to the

Banshee Labyrinth for The Sleep Show.


The format is similar to previous years, with the performance poet bringing his unique perspective to bear on the subject of sleep,

with poems, drawings and his own special brand of observational comedy.


No-one else sees the world quite like Rob Auton. There are new elements to the presentation – a beard and a new jacket to name

but two – however, the delightfully shambolic approach and gentle audience participation remain. At one point, a lady in the front

row knocked over a can of gin and tonic, distracting the performer who asked if she was OK. She offered him a can which he

accepted and drank in one gulp. It’s a warm venue.


Rob Auton’s poems can make DarkChat reviewers both laugh and cry. The Sleep Show is no exception. His final poem, pondering

what Father Christmas wants for Christmas, was both funny and moving.


This talented poet deserves a wider audience but perhaps prefers to perform to a small but packed room full of people who

appreciate his wit and wisdom.


Highly Recommended


Rob Auton: The Sleep Show pllays daily until 28th August

at Banshee Labyrinth