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Arisol Samulnori

C South

Saturday 5th August 16.00


Our first show of the 2017 Fringe and we take a leap into the dark and go for something completely different. Arise Samulnori are a Korean Dance and Music troupe consisting of adults and children, the youngest of whom is only 7 years old.


The sound created and the dancing are impressive especially when considering the young age of the performers and that they are performing in a Church garden.


This being Edinburgh and August having any show outside is a gamble and so this proves around 10 minutes in when the grey cloud we had seen approaching did as we expected. Everyone carried on regardless and took to performing on almost anything resembling plastic sheeting they could find!


The performance was not without error but any mistakes were not an issue, a simple smile and everyone carried on, this

reviewer has seen more experienced performers go to pieces after an error and they could learn a lot from some of the

youngsters here.


The musicianship on display is also something else and the drumming in particular was drawing in passing crowds.


Sadly they were only here for a short run which has already concluded but if they return to the Fringe in future take the

chance to catch them, you won’t regret it.




Reviews by 8 year olds


Our first  show of the Fringe was Korean music and dancing. Some were grownups and some were children.  The youngest child was only 7.


They danced while playing music using drums and swinging ribbons on their hats. I've never seen anything like it! Their perseverance  was great and they probably started learning when they were REALLY young.


The best thing was the plate spinning. They threw the plates off their stick to the next person – they even threw their plates across a big circle to the opposite person!


Arisol Samulnori were playing at C South

at 16.00 until 7th August