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Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair

Gilded Balloon Teviot

Sunday 6th August, 22.55


Putting an Edinburgh itinerary together is a tricky affair. It is always nice to see performers you know but you always need to

leave space for new favourites. This also means taking chances.  Occasionally, you will see a blurb in the brochure that you

can’t really picture. Sometimes this will provide a terrible show but occasionally you will unearth a gem.


Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair looked strange and at the beginning of the festival that is exactly what you want. Our 1st

show of the day “The Miserables” was an unexpected triumph (see a previous review) and fortunately Apocalypse Cruise Ship

Love Affair was another successful choice.


It is in the comedy section but it could fit just as well in the musical section. We are on board a cruise ship, which had previously

suffered tragedy when the love of the Captain - Mandy -fell overboard.  This is a very silly show. It starts silly, it continues silly

and ends silly. Silly is a tricky skill to master. It can easily get annoying but thanks to the talents of Beach Comet we are in good

hands and they perfectly tread the invisible silliness tightrope that doesn’t exist.


Vitally, the cast were uniformally excellent (though special mention must go to Joe McArdle as the Captain who produced a

stunning comic performance) so there was never a period when the audience wasn’t fully involved. Impressively, as well as

being genuinely funny they are good singers, singing good comedy songs.


The best compliment I can pay is that DARKCHATTERs David & Legs raved about this sho so much DARKCHATTER Phil re-arranged his schedule to see it while Legs watched it for the second time and still loved it.



Apocalypse Cruise Ship plays daily until Aug 29 (not 15th)

at Gilded Balloon Teviott