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All the King's Men presents: Radio Gaga

C venues – C (Venue 34),

Thursday 13th August, 15.20


There are many different Acapella groups at this year's Fringe and wanting to give our Junior DarkChatter's

something a little different we picked out one to see with them, we're glad we chose All the King's Men.  The

group, from King's College London have many awards to their name  and it is easy to see why with their latest

show 'Radio Gaga'.


The premise whilst fairly simple - a radio in the corner tuning through the various stations - allows the group to

showcase their vocal talents across a wide range of styles from Classical and Baroque through to some very

special renditions of Ed Sheeran and Miley Cyrus.  As the radio tunes we also get to hear the DJs on the

different stations introducing the records in a very familiar and humorous way should you listen to any of those



Some of the vocal work is outstanding and the work of the eleven strong group (tall, blonde, dark and lean -

and ginger) is complemented by some great choreography and excellent (but simple) lighting and staging.


The room was unsurprisingly sold out when we there and you'll have to be quick to catch them at this year's Fringe but if you're not quick enough watch for them touring near you, it will be well worth it.



All the King's Men presents: Radio Gaga plays daily until Aug 22 at C venues – C (Venue 34)




Reviews by 6 Year Olds


I like them because they used only their their mouths and voices to make the sounds in the songs.  There was only one song that I knew but I enjoyed listening to all of them.