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Adrian Gray's The 007 Conspiracy: James Bond's Terrifying Truth, Exposed!

Just The Tonic at The Community Project

Monday 7th August, 22.55


And so it continues; Darkchat heads to another show that pulls at the heart strings of nostalgia. Thankfully though, it is no

longer with the dread that it once was. Despite being burned alive by past efforts such as Quantum Leap and Back to the

Future parodies, we have seen a far greater standard recently in Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park shows, but we were

fearful that our good run would soon come to an end. Was Adrian Gray the man to put an end to our recent sprint, or could

he take the baton and give it one more lap around the track?


Thankfully for us, it turns out that there’s still more life in the nostalgia flame, as Adrian Gray turns out to be a strong and

confident performer that deserves significantly better than a graveyard slot on the outskirts of the Fringe central circle.


Opening to the sounds of Duran Duran’s ‘A View to a Kill’ (one of the favoured songs, at least for the Darkchat members in

attendance, which is all that really matters when you think about it), Gray approached the stage and delivered 45 minutes of

stand-up to a standard that you rarely see outside of the favoured 5-9pm core Fringe timeslot.


With an hilarious opening list of fictional conspiracies (or are they???), followed by some humorous observations and witty

puns, Gray introduced us to a little known ‘straight-to-DVD’ James Bond film released in 2001 (which me must therefore assume

is better than the 2002 effort Die Another Day for obvious reasons). He soon discovers that all traces of this film have

disappeared from the internet, and attempts to find out the reasons why.


As mentioned, this is a quality show that deserves to be sold-out for the entire fringe, but we do fear for its life during the quieter times. Rest assured, this is not one simply for the Bond nuts; there is very little prior knowledge of the franchise actually required, hence how much Darkchat reviewer Legs enjoyed it despite minimal interest in the series.


Good evening Mr Gray, we weren’t expecting you to be quite this good!



Adrian Gray's the 007 Conspiracy plays daily until Aug 28 (not 15th)

at Just The Tonic at The Community Project