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Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema

Underbelly Potterow

Tuesday 9th August 16.00



More shadow puppetry in the Potterow, only this time it is the turn of Manuel Cinema to keep us entertained rather than

Darkchat-favourites Bunk Puppets. The big question is, are they up to the task? In short, yes they damn well are,

with brass knobs on top.


The story, not to give anything away, is about sisters Ada and Ava who have lived their lives together in an isolated ketty

as lifehouse keepers. When tragedy hits them, it is up to one to come to terms with life without the other, and it proves to

be an unbearable life of solitude.


The most obvious thing to be in awe of is the sheer detail and creativity of the world and characters that Manuel Cinema

have brought to life. Using every trick in a book they must have clearly written for themselves, they breathe more life into

inanimate objects, silhouettes, characters and locations than most Hollywood film directors can manage. Combining OHP

slides and real life actors seamlessly, the production takes you on an hours-long journey that is perhaps the highlight of

the Fringe, not just for enthused shadow-puppeteers like Legs but to people of all ages. And to top it off, the story is

more than splendid also.


We were overjoyed at how full the auditorium was, for there is always the fear that a show like this will be overlooked by the more serious festival-goer (there may be some out there) as a mere children’s show, and it is anything but. It is in the theatre section and quite rightly so; if there was a ‘go and see this its bloody brilliant’ section, it would be in there too.


We ada good time, and were dismayed when we had to leava



Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema plays daily until Aug 29th

at Underbelly Potterow