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Review by a 9 Year Old


This show was about Elizabeth who invented the butterfly by studying dolphins, fish and penguins. This story was also

about having the courage, desire and determination to swim. There was only one actor to play all the parts so I think

she did well doing the show.


During the show there were sad, happy and sometimes exciting parts in the show. Our favourite was when Elizabeth

got to Berlin for...         We're not telling you (because it would be a spoiler)! Elizabeth could not have invented the

butterfly if she hadn't taught herself. She showed great resilience in the story and so did the actor because there was

soooo many people in the venue. When we were listening to the story I could clearly imagine images of it in my head.


This was a great show and anyone who enjoys storytellers should see this if they can.




Review by a 'Grown Up'


With 3 9 year olds reviewing with us this year we spent a lot of time going though the children's section of the Edinburgh Fringe brochure. Some shows were easy to pick, favourite books, favourite authors, favourite television presenters, but there is always room for something different and a one woman show about a long-forgotten New Zealand woman was a bold choice. But my goodness was it a good selection! For 45 minutes Alice Mary Cooper captivated these DarkChatters from age 9 -59! Using just her body she brought this extraordinary woman back to life.


For a children's show it starts a little oddly, talking about our heroine's death but quickly we are re-living her childhood on a remote New Zealand island, dealing with a personal tragedy and teaching herself to swim. Using a technique unique to herself she reaches the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and although her career was interrupted by the 2nd World War she utilised her skills for the benefit of her country after the war ended.


One person shows can be a little hit and miss and children's shows don't always hold the attention of this 59 year old but "Waves" is totally absorbing from an interesting beginning to a glorious end.


This is story-telling of the highest order and should be seen by as many people as possible. Go.  






Waves is at The Scottish Storytelling Centre until August 15th


Scottish Storytelling Centre (Venue 30) 11.00