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Compared to most days this festival I have had a leisurely relaxed Thursday. I had an early show booked in at The

Meadows but feeling sorry for a student who couldn't get a ticket I sold mine and had a bonus visit to the Press Office

before meeting Auntie Jean from Aberdeen for our annual lunch at the Scottish Art Gallery restaurant.


We then loved the latest show from DARKCHAT favourite Rob Auton ( The Talk Show) and I was then a little bemused

with "To Have Done With The Judgement Of God" at C Too. What I needed  was something a little lighter and funny

and, boy did I choose wisely. "Virgin" may not be the most enticing title but it does have a simple concept.  Simon

David is a a young man in his early 20s who is a virgin ( despite his best intentions and plenty of options) who has

decided that this is the gimmick that will secure him a record deal. Everything else is in place, he is good looking, has a

great singing voice and is highly likeable but he needs that something else to become a star.


This plot sounds quite simple but within this structure there are great songs ( both funny and moving), good music with Simon playing a variety of instruments and being backed by 2 excellent musicians. The piece is written by Simon and Chris Larner but it is Simon's confidence and ease with the audience that takes the show above the restrictions and structure of a normal play. He prowls around the auditorium as if he owns the place (which for this hour he does). He talks to and menaces the audience knowing he has them eating totally out of his hand. This self-confidence could easily come over as cocky and false but you totally believe everything Simon says and sings.


I walked in tired and half-wanting to be back in my flat with a relaxing glass of wine but I left floating on a cloud and virtually danced home all the way down Nicholson Street. To say I was bowled over by the show is an under-statement and I loved that it worked on many levels. It was a great musical (my only gripe is that I couldn't buy a copy of the music afterwards, though that would have devalued the point of needing to get a record deal).  It had a great premise, a star performance and was extremely funny with excellent audience participation, some shows struggle to achieve one of those items let alone all of them.


So, if you fancy a real fun night head to theSpace @Surgeons Hall and watch a true Virgin strut his stuff and you can pop your "Virgin" cherry.






Virgin is at [email protected] Surgeons Hall until August 25th


[email protected] Hall (Venue 53) 22.05