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To Have Done With the Judgement of God

One of the joys of the Edinburgh Fringe festival is discovering a young theatre company and watch them develop over

the years. In 2016 I thought it was time to see a Sara Kane play and watched a production of "Cleansed" by Fear No

Colours.  I was so impressed I returned to see "Penetrator" by Anthony Neilson, winning Chris Duffy our Best Actor

award last year. This year I was spoilt for choice as they have 3  productions,  including Samuel Skoog's "Bucket

Men" and Philip Ridley's "Tonight With Donny Stixx"  but I selected "To Have Done With The Judgement Of God"

by Antonin Artaud.


The show begins with Rhiannon Bird and Tingting Liu walking about the stage with flashlights talking about the

Americans using super sperm to create an army of super soldiers. (Immediately I could feel my inner alarm bells

beginning to ring). Gradually behind them 4 men wearing only boxers clamber out of a plastic tent, I suspect to re-create

birth and they quickly learnt to dress and wash themselves.


Once they became recognisable adults the play switched into 2 different spheres. We had the text of the late French surrealist playwright and a modern dance piece. And to be honest it was the latter element I most enjoyed. I struggled to follow the words and meaning of Monsieur Artaud but I loved the dance and movement of the talented performers, including Andrew Davies, Findlay Duff, Kristupas Liubinas and Harry Pearce.  


I did regret that I had only included one "dance" piece in my itinerary, even if it was the stunning "Infinita" at Pleasance Courtyard. Yet, "To Have Done With The Judgement Of God" filled that gap. C Too is not a large venue but the performers did extremely well to produce such poetic energy within the limited space. They blended perfectly with the loud driving music scene which drew you into the action even though I really didn't understand the piece, although I have the feeling that humanity is doomed.


Compared to previous Fear No Colours shows I found it hard to get involved with on a theatrical level but if you like modern drama and loud music this will be the show for you.


This definitely comes under the "different" heading.


PS Arrive early and sample some of the stunning food and drink at the venue. My burger and glass of wine was stunning!




To Have Done With the Judgement of God is at C too until August 27th


C Venues - C too (Venue 4) 20.15