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 The Time Machine

Review by a 9 Year Old


This show was about the book The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.


There were 5 main characters in the show (The Time Traveller, Mr Editor, Mrs W (the maid), The Morlock King and

Weena, but they also used puppets and models really cleverly to make extra characters and help tell the story.  Our

favourite part of the show was when Weena found out that Eloys were being eaten in sandwiches and said "Ooh, I'm

delicious, WAIT, I don't want to be a sandwich!!" and our favourite character was Weena.


This was a great show and I would recommend it to anyone aged 8+ who loves a good story.





Review by a 'Grown Up'



It may only have been 2.30pm yet this was already my 3rd show of the day. I had started at 9.20am with "Punk Rock" by Simon Stephens, followed by Anna Jordan's "Yen" which were both serious modern pieces with extremely heavy moments. The Edinburgh fringe festival is nothing if not  diverse so I was easily able to find something lighter and selected The Scientific Romance Theatre companies' production of HG Wells classic novel "The Time Machine" from the children's section (we had two 9 year olds with us).


The performance we attended was a relaxed and signed performance so it was explained before the show started that the house lights would not be fully dimmed and we were shown some puppets that would feature later so we wouldn't be unduly disturbed.  We then met the 3 main characters, the house-keeper, the Time Traveller and his cynical friend. The concept of time-travel is immediately introduced and to everyone's amazement he duly produces a mini time machine and conducts a mini experiment.  Even though his friend remains convinced this is still a trick he attempts a longer trip into the future and gets involved in some amazing adventures.


The joy of this production is that it is reassuringly old-fashioned. There are wonderful puppets (created by Rick Conte) but the success of the show is that it is solely concerned with telling and being faithful to the story.  The performances of Matt Rudkin, Rick Conte and Deborah Arnott are of a higher quality than you might expect from a children's show and they are as happy entertaining children as they are ensuring there are sufficient adult references to keep the grown-ups involved. The action sequences if not disturbing are impressive and by the end everyone in the audience,  (and I suspect on the stage) had had a really fun time.


After the emotional trauma of my last play it was reassuring to discover there are still some gentler shows to be found.    




The Time Machine is at The Scottish Storytelling Centre until August 19th (not 15th)


Scottish Storytelling Centre (Venue 30) 14.30



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