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 Split Egg:

A Magic Show About Being Twins

Review by a 9 Year Old


The people who performed Split Egg were identical twins named named Abel and Kane. I found Split Egg funny as

I loved it when they made everyone laugh and did funny tricks. It was great when they had the same gifts and it was

hilarious as they gave a piece of the gate to me, Harri and Dylan. Our favourite bit of the show was the end trick where

Abel (blindfolded) could guess the cards that Kane (who could not speak) was holding up.



Review by a 'Grown Up'


As a parent of identical twins I often find myself wondering "how did that happen?" or "what on earth went on there?" and so it is again as we find ourselves at CC Blooms for the first family outing of this year's Fringe watching identical twins doing things that leave you asking the same questions.  Kane and Abel (geddit?) are identical twin brothers, they are also magicians and a decent crowd has gathered in the basement of the pub (a fairly standard Free Fringe type venue) to see what they have to offer.


As you'd expect as a pair the two work exceptionally well together, they've been performing together for almost 15 years and the act is pretty polished as a result.  The show is loosely tied around the idea of being twins and a good variety of tricks are interwoven with clever storytelling, bantering with the audience and also with audience members families on the other end of the phone when someone in the crowd has forgotten to turn their phone off!


The trick (I'm doing it now!) with magic is to leave the audience bafffled and wondering how on earth they did that, and by and large they do this  and some of the tricks are really quite impressive.  There is a moment when I think I know how they're doing another of their tricks and then they up the ante and I am impressed again.


Overall this is a good start to our Festival this year, it is a solid hour of magic and entertainment and well worth a few quid in the bucket at the end of a free show and certainly a pair that we'll look out for in future.


Split Egg is at CC Blooms until August 26th (not Wednesdays)


CC Blooms (Venue 171) 15.20