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Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes


Rosie Jones' debut show at the Pleasance is extraordinary.  


She explains to us that complications at her birth resulted in the first fifteen minutes of her life impacting on all the

subsequent ones and speculates what kind of person she would have been without cerebral palsy.  Despite the gravity of

the subject matter, she then makes the audience laugh uproariously for an hour.  She can joke that her presence here ticks

boxes, as it is clear that originality and talent have brought her to the Pleasance.    


Rosie Jones is a gifted young performer who delivers strong material with great confidence, demolishing preconceptions and

stereotypes along the way, at one stage blaming her family for depriving her of a rich source of material by their constant

understanding and support.


As a solo performer it must be difficult to maintain momentum for an hour but this is a well constructed and well paced set which concludes with a ridiculous story, building to an outrageously funny punch line that I will call to mind whenever I eat a yogurt (it doesn't matter which flavour).

Darkchatters are always delighted (and smug) when they catch a performer who goes on to become a household name.  I think we did so this evening.


Highly recommended.




Rosie Jones: Fifteen MInutes is at Pleasance Courtyard until August 26th (not 13th)


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) 20.15