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Punk Rock

The key factors for picking a show to go into our itinerary are a balance of content, venue and timing. Generally

most of the shows we fancy fall between 2.00pm & 9.00pm so anything outside of these times has a good chance

of being selected.


Generally we have late nights at DARKCHAT towers so an early start is not always a good idea. A couple of years

ago I did uncover a production of "The Country Wife" that was stunning. Simon Stephens is one of our most

acclaimed modern playwrights ( I previously enjoyed his "Pornography" at the Traverse Theatre and "Port" at the

National Theatre). All of these factors led me to select "Punk Rock" at Greenside theatre by the Arts One Drama

Company based in Sutton. They were only playing three mornings so I had to be quick to see them and I was glad

I had.


The play starts and ends with a student filling in an evaluation form. The section in between explains how this comes to pass. I am a fan of gender fluid roles but at 9.20am it took my brain a little while to work out what was actually going on. However, once I was onside I rather enjoyed this bleak look at life as a student nowadays, completely from the their point of view as there were no teachers involved.  The dramatic ending (this is a play after all) was rather predictable but the high quality of the acting was impressive. The 2 lead roles (sadly I can't name them as I can't find any cast list anywhere) were mesmerising and the rest of the ensemble cast were equally solid in quite tricky roles.


A longer run would have made the production tighter but this was a good start to the day (I foolishly scheduled 7 shows in total today) and at the time I didn't regret getting up so early. My body got its revenge as I later fell asleep in 2 shows.





Punk Rock was at Greenside @Nicholson Square for a short run  that has now finished


Greenside @Nicholson Square (Venue 209) 09.20