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Review by a 9 Year Old


OTOSOTR was about a Korean who fought in the war for the Allies. He was the one out of a few Koreans to fight in

the war for the Allies (9.6%) and the others fought for the Nazis (90.4%).


The venue was designed to look and feel like an Anderson shelter (cold air, curved metal roof and metal corregated

metal round the room). The actor had to play all the parts including the 17 year old grandad (in the war), his grandad,

Antonio and the war members of the Allies.


This was a really good show and we recommend it to anyone who is interested in the 2nd  World War or likes it.





Review by a 'Grown Up'


This year DarkChat reviewers include 2 9 year olds, amazingly at their 5th festival. We still take them to a lot of children's shows but there are some adult shows they can now see. Having seen that OTOSOTR (on the other side of the river) had an age 8 plus rating and that they had been learning about the 2nd World War we thought we would try something different. And different it certainly was.


This is a true story beautifully told by Anatoliy Ogay about his grandfather deported from the Russian Korean border in 1937 to Kazakhstan and who fought for Russia against Germany at the battle of Stalingrad. The tale is told from the perspective of Anatoliy so there are constant changes of time and tempo. The fact that this works is due to the direction of Tatyana Kim and the personality of the performer. On stage alone for an hour apart from a keyboard and some impressive lighting he held our attention throughout, with good songs and an impressive singing voice.


The Edinburgh festival is all about taking a chance and trying something different. To mesmerise 9 & 59 year olds alike OSOTOR is doing something right.









OTOSOTR is at Underbelly Cowgate until August 26th (not 13th)


Underbelly, Cowgate (Venue 61) 18.40