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 Nele Needs a Holiday:

The Musical

With our wives at home looking after the children, Darkchatter Carl & I allowed ourselves a "boys night out". Not for us a

tour of the clubs and bars in the Scottish capital but 3 successive shows at Summerhall (though alcohol may still have been

involved). After surviving a disturbing "Flight"  we were mesmerised by Sean Mahoney's one man show "Until You Hear

That Bell" and in true Fringe festival style we changed genres again and headed into musical territory with "Nele Needs A

Holiday - The Musical".


This is the story of Nele, a star in Belguim who moves to London to try and re-create her success abroad. This is written

and performed by Nele Van dan Broeck telling the story of her real life attempt to make it in England after having

success in her own country.


Prior to the show we were sitting in the front row we were somewhat bemused to see a succession of cast members and technical looking people peering at the floor clearly looking for something vital, but without success. This was an odd start to an odd piece. Musically it was excellent with Nele backed by 2 fine musicians, Anna Soden on guitar and Hannah Davis on drums. The songs were good, the story was interesting and the inter-action between them all playing various characters (and instruments) worked but there seemed to be something lacking.


It probably didn't help that this, foolishly, was my 7th show of the day and I was duly tired (and if I am honest I dozed off). But conversely, there didn't seem to be anything on offer to keep awake for.  In case you think I am being unfair I still gave it the same mark as my colleague who remained awake throughout.


One for the "nice idea" pile.






Nele Needs a Holiday: The Musical is at Summerhall until August 26th (not 20th)


Summerhall (Venue 26) 22.15