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 The Miles Jupp Interviews

Interview shows are currently very popular at the fringe as obviously they are cheap to produce, 2 well-known people

with no props or set. ( Oddly I noticed that a couple of hours beforehand Mr J had himself been interviewed by Fred

Macauley so it can only be a matter of time before all performers are caught on a never-ending interviewing



As I had never seen Miles Jupp before this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with a familiar television and radio

voice. I booked this time slot without knowing who the interviewee was and was delighted to discover it was Val McDiermid

even though I have not read any of her books (yet).


After a brief introduction from Miles his guest appears and we are soon whisked into her upbringing in Fife. His

questions aren't particularly hard-hitting but we soon have a good understanding about her life before becoming a

major crime novelist.


People are endlessly fascinating and surprising. To be honest my wife didn't really know who Miss McDiermid was but once she revealed she was a big fan of the Swiss Chalet School books (my wife's favourite's series of books growing up) she was hooked.


I had heard her interviewed before so I knew she would be entertaining and I wasn't disappointed. In fact she was such a good interviewee that Mr Jupp didn't have to do much to keep the conversation flowing.


Soon, it was over and I was left with the dilemna of which of her books to read first.






The Miles Jupp Interviews is at Stand's New Town Theatre until August 12th


The Stand's New Town Theatre (Venue 7) 15.40



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