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 Just William's Luck

This is an explosive, high spirited hour of William Brown and his gang of The Outlaws performing their own play of The Gnights

of the Square Table within the main play of JWL. There is an imaginative and playful use of props to tell their tale of Arthur,

Excalibur and Larry the horse amongst the wider antics of this JW story. Household items such as mum's bread knife as a

sword, a mop head to transform Ginger into William's sister, Ethel, and a white sheet as the family dining table bring the show

to life in a way that we would all have liked to have used props in our own childhoods, reminiscent of building dens under the

kitchen table or in the woods.


Their boyish obsession with acquiring a bicycle each after Ginger proudly arrives at rehearsals with one from his soon to be

married brother and the ensuing matchmaking with a movie star is extremely entertaining to watch as well as their later

escapades of ‘catching criminals'. Finally the Brown family can be proud of their rascal son!


Shedload Theatre's production captures the spirit of Richmal Crompton's books with plenty of noise, laughter and enthusiasm to both bring back memories and to introduce Just William to further generations.


A fun show for everyone!




Just William's Luck is at UnderBelly, Cowgate until August 26th


UnderBelly, Cowgate (Venue 61) 12.10