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Jordan Brookes: Bleed



After winning the Wales Unsigned Artist Award in 2012 I saw Jordan Brookes play a lot of mini sets in small (and generally

short-lived) comedy clubs in Cardiff and occasionally unexpected appearances behind bars (the pub sort).


In 2015 he kindly gave us an interview before his 1st trip to the Edinburgh Fringe festival where he admitted he knew

nothing about the festival at all. He clearly quickly got the hang of it as in 2017 he was nominated for the Edinburgh

Comedy Awards for Best Show - Body Of Work, as a Free Show.  


Now he has made the step up to Pleasance Courtyard (at the prime time of 20.30).  Beside is the perfect venue for him,

small enough to be intimate but large enough to create a good atmosphere and allow him great inter-action with the

audience, despite noise from outside.


"Bleed" is his latest show and begins in traditional stand-up mode talking about a relationship break-up (hopefully he won't end up in court like Louise Reay, see an earlier review) and how we can never really know other people or even ourselves. Gradually, the show builds to an astonishing climax which I won't reveal here though I suggest you discuss the ending thoroughly with your companion afterwards.


When I saw Jordan in his early shows I knew he was funny but, frankly I didn't think he was capable of providing a show as good as this. I was blown away and we had to have a drink to recover in Pleasance Courtyard (how awful!)  I would you recommend you rush to see him while he is still playing smaller venues. Definitely one to watch in 2018 and in the future.


Strongly recommended.





Jordan Brookes: Bleed is at Pleasance Courtyard until August 26th (not 14th)


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) 20.30