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 Jerry Sadowitz:

Make Comedy GRATE Again!

This is my 20th Edinburgh festival stretching back to 1986. Through most of this time I have been trying to see Jerry

Sadowitz but our timetables have never overlapped. When I spotted he was playing the festival all month I knew it

was now or never.


In recent years I have noticed a worrying trend with drunken audiences disrupting shows on a Saturday night

(previously "The Story Beast" and " Otto And Astrid"). So, this year I picked a comedian no-one was going to mess

(not a word Mr Sadowitz would have used) around with. And boy, was I right.


Everyone was fairly drunk & Scottish but no-one was going to take the comedy legend on in full flow. I've tweeted

along the lines that I detested everything he said and I can't stand card tricks but I loved the show. Everyone there

knew what to expect but we certainly got more Jerry Sadowitz than we expected. It was almost as if he had been

looked in a box since last August and he had all these comments and opinions to get off his chest in an hour. He

was as fast a motor mouth as Ben Elton in his heyday but he never fluffed a beat.


These are difficult times in the world but to Mr S everyone was fair game, but not the obvious targets you would have expected. Who knew anyone would get so angry about ****** David Attenborough?


Clearly this is not a show for the faint-hearted but if you have an open mind and want to see a true comedy legend absolutely at the top of his game head to The Stand's New Town Theatre to witness an hour of jaw-dropping comedy.








Jerry Sadowitz: Make Comedy GRATE Again! is at The Stand's New Town Theatre until August 26th (Thurs-Sun only)


The Stand's New Town Theatre (Venue 7) 21.10



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