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One of the joys of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is that, in addition to the comedy, there is still a range of other genres

from which to choose and opportunities to see performers from around the world.  Darkchat David and Anne always

try to catch some dance/physical theatre at the Fringe and the new show from Berlin-based Familie Flöz at the

Pleasance turned out to be an excellent choice.


The show is hard to classify and draws on dance, mask theatre and physical comedy to produce an enchanting

meditation on youth and old age, as we see a group of friends take their first tentative steps and their last.  Despite the

gravity of the theme, the piece is a joyous celebration of life, as even in old age, plagued by infirmity, the friends retain

their sense of fun.  There are many delightful moments that linger in the memory, with music - and a transistor radio in

particular - ingeniously linking the two stages of the characters' lives.  


On the day Darkchat attended, the large venue at Pleasance was full and the audience responded with enthusiasm,

especially when  the performers, silent and masked, communicated  instructions to them .  


Whether or not you feel you would enjoy and hour and a half of mask theatre, I am confident you would emerge from this show with a smile on your face.  Treat yourself.







Infinita at Pleasance Courtyard until August 27th (not 13th)


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) 13.30