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 Hamilton (Lewis)

Darkchat David and Anne have recently seen Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical 'Hamilton'.  Beforehand, we were unsure

that it could ever justify the hype.  It did.  When we spotted there is more than one homage to this musical on offer at

the Fringe, we chose to start with 'Hamilton (Lewis)' at the Assembly George Square.


The title of this parody particularly struck a chord with us as, earlier in the year, Darkchat David had a long telephone

conversation with his father, explaining at length that the show we were going to see in London was about Alexander

Hamilton and definitely not the Formula 1 driver.  This was closely followed by a conversation explaining that the show

we were going to see in Edinburgh was about Lewis Hamilton and definitely not the 18th century American politician.


When we saw 'Hamilton' in London we came away feeling that not only had we seen a wonderfully innovative musical,

we had also learnt a lot about American history.  With 'Hamilton (Lewis)', we can say the same about our knowledge of

Formula 1, as the punchy songs of the original, packed with facts, are perfectly parodied.  There are many clever nods

to 'Hamilton' which I won't reveal but must mention the witty homage to that show's complex choreography which creates

some hilarious moments.    


There are just four, very talented young performers in this demanding production.  As in Miranda's musical, they play multiple characters and there are some funny moments at the expense of the genre, for example, when a minor character sings about their appearance on stage in order to cover a costume change.  


The audience responded enthusiastically throughout and seemed familiar with the musical with a similar name.  Without the sound system of London's West End, we missed the occasional lyric but, on a Fringe budget, it is an astonishingly slick production.


If you are a fan of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical, Formula 1 or even the Pussycat Dolls, let's just say, "you wanna be in the room where it happens."







Hamilton (Lewis) is at Assembly George Square Gardens until August 26th (not Weds)


Assembly George Square Gardens (Venue 17) 15.40



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