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One Giant Leap for June

Review by a 9 Year Old


This show was about a girl called June who works in local chip shop but really wants to go to space. The other

people who work with her are interested in space so when the shop is closed they pretend to go to space.


In this show there were 5 characters (June, Bear, Rags, Carla and their boss). There were loads of space acts in

the show. Our favourite character was Rags and our favourite part was when Bear did the impressions of his uncle.

The show was awesome.


I would recommend this show to anyone who is interested in space or wants to be an astronaut.









Review by a 'Grown Up' will follow shortly



Card Ninja is at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 27th (not 14th)


[email protected] Hall (Venue 53) 11.05



4star 2018ONEGIAN_RD