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 Game On 2.0

Review by a 9 Year Old


Game on was based on video games (as you probably had guessed from the title of the show). It started with Fortnite

but also there were other games.


In this show there were made up silly games, adults and children getting up on stage (including our Daddy who we got

to shoot nerf darts at which was great fun)and lots of laughs. In the show there was the host Matt and his assistant. At

the end there is a picture  round of video games that you have to guess. If you got it right you would get a prize but if

you got it wrong you would have to dab yourself in the face!  Ouch.


It was a great show and we would recommend it to anyone who likes video games.




Review by a 'Grown Up'


Matty Grey is getting older, he has a kid (that we meet on screen at the beginning of the show) and his life has changed, he still however has time for gaming and the time to provide a show about gaming.  A sequel to 2014's Game On (now Game On 1.0 I suppose) it tells the story of how he once again fell into Gameland (down the toilet, we've all been there) and the trials needed to escape which play out as various scenarios from video games brought to life and played out by willing (and sometimes less willing) members of the audience.


With the assistance of (real life wife) Kat, Matty takes us through each of the rounds (nods to Fortnite, Pokemon, Grand Theft Auto amongst others) with varying degrees of (but mostly loud) noise from a packed room.  The show isn't as slick as some other shows I've seen that are in a similar vein but Matty is clearly passionate about gaming and entertaining kids so the show works fairly well and his energy carries us through, although we did see this fairly early on in the run so I'd be interested to see how exhausted he is by August 19th!


Ultimately this is a kids show and it's all about what they think and with Grey in his element, the kids are in their element too, at times it is utter chaos but your little gamers will love it!



Game On 2.0 is at The Free Sisters until August 19th


Laughing Horse @ Free Sisters (Venue 272) 15.45