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This Cox has always been a sucker for site specific shows and sadly there were not too many options this festival.

But I was intrigued by the premise of "Flight" which attempts to recreate a  journey in an aircraft in a shipping

container as you enter Summerhall.


For once we were a little early and we saw the previous "passengers" disembark all looking rather shell-shocked

and drawn which made us even keener to board. Eventually we were given our individual seat numbers (they try

and separate you from your companions) and we were encouraged to place our luggage in the overhead lockers.

It really was like being on a plane especially as the aisles were three seats deep with subdued lighting. Once settled

we were given headsets to listen to the usual safety type announcements and were advised that after being plunged

into complete darkness for a couple of minutes the lights would return briefly and if you were feeling uncomfortable

this was the time to exit, which one person did.


We were then put back into total darkness with your headsets on so you could hear general comments from the pilot and stewards when a few troubling and disconcerting statements began to be made. This coupled with the noises you would expect while flying coupled with turbulence type movements made me feel particularly unnerved and anxious.


Nothing overly scary occurs but I was glad when the lights returned and you are ushered outside ( & I could swig back the remnants of a glass of wine I had left outside). "Flight" may only have lasted thirty minutes but enough happened for you to spend more than that time discussing it with your companion.


If you like the unexpected and you want to experience something you will not get anywhere else on this fringe then go.


Don't go if you have a fear of flying!





Flight is at Summerhall until August 26th (not Mondays)


Summerhall (Venue 26) Multiple Times Daily