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Don Juan

After having already seen 25 shows in 6 days this Darkchatter was a physical and mental shambles. For once I had

probably foreseen this and on my last day I allowed myself a lie-in and a free morning, though I naturally didn't get as many

practical Press things completed as I had planned. So, I duly arrived at "The Bubble" at Assembly George Square Theatre

with little expectations but hoping this wouldn't be a traditional adaptation of this classic European tale.


From the moment I entered the auditorium I knew I needn't have worried. Immediately the cast of 5 mingle with the

audience. This isn't just saying hello and having meaningless chats, this is finding out people's names and storing them

for future use. We are all probably all aware of the legend of Don Juan and "A Slightly Isolated Dog" do stick to the original

plot but the joy of this production is their interpretation. Adopting French accents (for their passion) they oozed every

sexual element they could muster and brilliantly used the audience as a 6th cast member. I loved the fact that they picked

on a young man in the audience - Colin - and when each cast member arrived on stage they took a double-take stating

"Colin, does Ginger know you are here" & left the joke hanging there until Ginger finally spots him. (This was one of my

favourite moments of a highly impressive festival). Amazingly, there are a lot of stand-out moments, I loved "Phillipe" falling

in (and out) of love with a lady (Lauren) in the audience very quickly and I enjoyed helping to create a shipwreck with a large

piece of material.


This is inclusive theatre at its very best. They had few props but showed that anything can be achieved with imagination & I loved the fact that every cast member became the title role at some stage with audience members playing a lot of different characters with dialogue being whispered into their ears. I had thought that the audience was quite lively in the queue and they proved the perfect audience for the show, the energy on stage was more than matched off it and in the end each group fed off each other.


As you can probably gather this was exactly the show I needed at this time to give the energy and desire to see my last 3 shows of the festival. So, for that as well as giving me probably the funniest hour I have enjoyed this festival I whole-heartedly thank "A Slightly Isolated Dog" and hope that they return next year.


I shall be looking out for them.




Don Juan is at Assembly George Square Theatre until August 27th


Assembly George Square Theatre (Bubble) (Venue 8) 13.10