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Dining Al Desko

Despite an early morning timeslot,  there was already a sizeable queue when Darkchatters Carl and Anne met to

see a show together for the first time.  In other words, the majority of Darkchat didn't fancy seeing this play, possibly

feeling that a dark satire on office life would remind them too much of the world outside the Edinburgh Fringe Festival



Dining Al Desko is a new play by Alastair Curtis and is performed by three actors (Mia Giorgis as Trish, India Opzoomer

as Julie and Christopher Page as Tom) as a series of interconnected monologues.  


The ups and downs (mainly downs) of office life are well observed and there were plenty of laughs of recognition from

the audience.  This isn't a subtle play; the newcomer, the receptionist and the accountant are stereotypes and when

the plot takes a darker turn and lives start to spiral out of control, it was difficult to feel compassion for any of the

characters, despite the high quality of the performances.  


In reality, office politics is more subtle than this, though no less savage and comic at times.  Perhaps the Darkchat majority were right on this










Dining Al Desko is at theSpace on the Mile until August 25th (not Sundays)


theSpace on the Mile (Venue 39) 10.00