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Dick and Dom: Dick v Dom

Review by a 9 Year Old


Dick vs Dom was about Dick and Dom in a battle (not boxing). They each had a team (we were on Dick's) to compete

and the winning team in each round got 1 point. There were 8 rounds and Daddy (Carl) got chosen in the 4th round to

make it 2-2.


The rounds were very silly including a PIE showdown , a remembering quiz and a weird blending round to make a

smoothie with baked beans, marmite, ketchup and crisps. Dick and Dom were very funny as they did a Mr Tumble

voice (now that was hilarious).  Our favourite bit was the Dick and Dom's Roody Words Sing-a-Long. The funniest bit

was where daddy had to taste the disgusting smoothie he made .


The final score was .................4-4 which we are happy with.


It was a great show and I recommend it to anyone aged 5-105 (as the poster says)








Review by a 'Grown Up' will follow shortly



Dick and Dom: Dick v Dom is at McEwan Hall until August 19th (not 13th)


Underbelly, McEwan Hall (Venue 302) 13.00