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Comedy Club 4 Kids

Review by a 9 Year Old



Comedy club 4 kids was very funny as the host was Kiri (Welshwoman!) and her power was making people speak

Welsh. She was very funny as she got people to say if their brother or sister was annoying or not.


The first act was Ivo Graham who did a quiz to see if the parent knew their kids and if the kids knew their parents.

Then it was Jay Foreman who performed a few his of his funny songs including Caterpillar ick, Grandma's food and our

personal favourite TROUSERS!!!! (there are different comedians every day so if you go you may see different people).


This was an amazing show and I recommend it to any families who like comedy.





Review by a 'Grown Up'


For the 3rd year running the male adult DarkChatters have risked allowing our wives (and their friends) to have an afternoon and evening outing based around a Gin event. Today this involved a rare trip to Stockbridge for them to embark upon the Edinburgh Gin Safari. This gives DarkChatters David and Carl the chance to find suitable entertainment for three 9 year olds.


We started off with the wondrous, larger than life “The Story Beast – Myths, Monsters & Mayhem”, followed by a loud, foul-mouthed argument in a Kentucky Fried Chicken on Nicholson Street (Free) and now selected Comedy Club 4 Kids. This was a new concept to me and basically does what it says on the tin.


Once a full, noisy audience were settled Kiri Pritchard-Maclean came on stage as our host, doing extremely well talking to the audience and explaining what would happen. (I was already aware of her when she supported Gein’s Family Giftshop on tour, as well as being one of their writers).


The 1st guest was Ivo Graham who is making a name for himself on the circuit. He came prepared with a parent/child quiz which was absolutely hilarious putting kids on the spot while the adults panicked about what they would answer to a variety of straightforwardish questions. What was most impressive was the fact that Ivo didn't treat the children, some as young as 5 any less favourably than their parents. The only thing that let him down was forgetting to buy any prizes so the victors were offered the contents of Ivo's pockets, basically a Snickers bar and a spare contact lens.


I wasn't aware of the 2nd guest Jay Foreman. but when Carl was telling his wife later (after she had sobered up from all the Gin) who he was, he uttered the immortal phrase "you know, the Caterpillar Sick guy". And she knew.  Jay is big on the children's comedy scene with his songs and also has a huge You Tube following which includes his series "Map Men" (featuring DarkChat favourite Mark  Cooper-Jones).


It had dawned on me earlier this week that I hadn't seen any "compilation shows" where I like to see acts unfamiliar to me. Ironically, I didn't expect it to happen in a children's show but having done so I will try to add Miss Pritchard-Mclean and Mr Graham to next year's itinerary. Having seen a lot of children's shows recently it always impresses me how much they appeal to grown-ups and children alike.  Despite our 50 year old age gap we all had a great time which is either down to the skills of the performers or the fact that we all still keep a little bit of the kid inside ourselves (or perhaps that was just me).    



Comedy Club 4 Kids is at Assembly Roxy until August 26th (check social media for line-ups)


Assembly Roxy (Venue 139) 17.50



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