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 Charlie V Martin

The 24/7 Club

The variety of shows on offer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is always astonishing but this is the first time I've seen

a show based on notable people from history who share the performer's birthday.  As 24th July is also mine, this was

an easy choice.


The venue is on the cosy side but Charlie V Martin uses this to her advantage, developing an early rapport with the

audience by chatting to us as we arrive.  She mentions that she has an improv. background and this is apparent in her

sketches where interaction creates some very funny moments.  It would be interesting to see how much the show

varies with the changing audiences.


The choice of historical characters who share the performer's birthday is varied and well chosen.  She has interesting

and topical points to make regarding the way history tends to consign too many remarkable women to obscurity.


There is a change of tenor towards the end of the show which is both unexpected and, as it is so obviously heartfelt, also quite moving.  The change of tone could have lost the audience but we were with her all the way.  


Charlie V Martin is a talented and funny performer/writer who deserves a wider audience, a bigger venue and lots of birthday cards next year.  





Charlie V Martin is at C Royale until August 27th (not Tuesdays)


C Royale (Venue 6) 17.25