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Card Ninja

Review by a 9 Year Old


Card Ninja was about a man called Javier who uses cards as ninja weapons.


I found Card Ninja hilarious and we loved it when the man made everyone laugh. It was great. Our favourite part was

when he ninja acted, fighting with cards and when he tried to get a card in the watermelon. There were loads of other

ninja acts in the show. In the show he had to go through 8 trials including : reaction, speed, power, accuracy and



It was a great show and we would recommend it to anyone who likes ninjas, cards or both!




Review by a 'Grown Up'


Javer Jarquin has had too much time on his hands.  He has, however put that time to (seemingly) good use and is now the self-taught and self-proclaimed 'Card Ninja'.  He's quick to point out that he's not a magician doing magic tricks with cards but he is doing tricks with cards and also being pretty entertaining with it at the same time.


Growing up in New Zealand Jarquin always wanted to be a NInja but the weapons were too difficult (and dangerous) to use so he took to teaching himself  using playing cards as throwing stars (shuriken) instead, a sure fire way to (not) impress the ladies he tells us.  Pitched as a family show (not a mgic show) 3 adults and 3 nine year olds make our way to the Wine Bar at the Teviot, a big room and pleasingly a big queue which raises our expectations again.


Our expectations are met, the show (not a magic show) is entertaining, Jarquin is great with the audience using them throughout to provide assistance (and soundtrack) using humour that works on different levels without being too rude for the kids and leaving everyone impressed with the card handling and tricks (not magic) that he has honed down the years.  A number of times throughout the show (not a magic show) you are warned that you might want to cover your eyes just in case a flying card catches you in the face although in truth if you did take your eyes off it you'd be missing something very entertaining.


A Health and Safety Nightmare but a 9 Year Old wannabe Ninja's dream! Magic.



Card Ninja is at Gilded Balloon Teviot until August 27th (not 14th)


Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14) 13.30