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 Calling My Tribe

Boo Dwyer is a writer, comedian, performer and actor, she is also getting old.  We all are, and we are her tribe (mostly)

and we gathered in one of the shipping containers that you see dotted around Edinburgh in August.  However rather than

site specific this show is very 'age-specific' with Boo's titular "Tribe" being those of us in our late 30s and early 40s, those

of us that just a couple of years ago (in reality around 20) were partying, rolling in as the sun comes up but now find

ourselves preferring nights in and watching as hair grows in places that we'd rather it never.


Boo now lives in Adelaide by way of Coventry and shares her stories of growing up in the 90s, music and TV, clubbing

and alcopops.  From there it moves to tales of modern life of midlife crisis (or not) of kids and how things have changed

for her in what seems like an instant.  If you're around the right age here then everything will resonate, the stories are

familiar to most of the audience (including that of my wife's obsession with Easter decorations!) and everyone attending

is really enjoying themselves.  It probably helps that the crowd is (disappointingly) small on the night we are in which gives the hour a feeling of being in the company of your funniest mate sharing stories of the things that you used to do as kids together and how things are now.


The show is perhaps not as slick as it might be, there are moments when real Boo crashes into virtual Boo and also a moment when she audibly wonders what she is meant to talk about next.


On the whole it's a show worth seeing if - like us - you're of a certain age but if you're under 30 there is a chance that a lot of the material might be completely lost on you and you'll be better served looking elsewhere for your laughs.






Calling My Tribe is at Assembly George Square Theatre (Box) until August 26th


Assembly George Square Theatre (Venue 8) 20.20