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 Briony Redman:

Sketch Artist


Briony Redman is a Darkchat favourite.  This is her third solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe and the third we have enjoyed.  

The format is similar to previous years - as the title suggests, there are sketches, some very silly props and gentle audience

participation.  Thank you, Briony, for allowing Darkchat David his first opportunity to join in with a show this Festival, we

can all relax now.


The comic stories are packed full of delightful wordplay, ridiculous twists - as genres are expertly subverted - and topical

insights, when least expected.  It must be difficult to sustain such a level of energy and laughter every lunchtime in a warm

venue but Briony is more than up to the task and we enjoyed spending an hour in her surreal world once again.  


It would be good to see this talented performer have a wider audience.  Her skill with words would be suited to a slot on

BBC Radio 4 perhaps?  Until that happens, treat yourself to an hour of lunchtime laughter in a converted shipping container

at the Pleasance.  







Briony Redmant: Sketch Artist is at Pleasance Courtyard until August 27th (not 11th)


Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33) 13.00



2018BRIONYR_MV 4star