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 Agent November Investiagtes:

Murder MrE

Review by a 9 Year Old


This show was not specifically aimed at children so it was quite hard for us but we really enjoyed it!  At the start you

need to choose your agent name (we were Bob Bond and Jeff Bond) and at the end your team name (we were The

Team Who Must Not Be Named).


Agent November a crime show where you have to find the murderer of Mr E in the Museum of Secrets. One of his

colleagues was the murderer (but this is not a clue as all the suspects are his colleagues). There are clues to find

the murderer but some of them are locked and they need a number or letter code to open them.


During the show you will find clues to help you in the locked containers (such as suitcases, boxes, lunchboxes, bags and a safe). The clues helped you to find out who did the murder. You had a detector to find the trace of poison on someone's belonging. We sadly didn't work it out and got it wrong .


It was a great show and we recommend it to anyone who likes crime or mysteries.




Review by a 'Grown Up'


In recent years the rise in popularity of Escape Rooms has been phenomenal. I have escaped (and not) from rooms in England & Wales (Birmingham & Cardiff to be precise) so it was time to try my luck in Scotland.


My wife has never shown any interest in these activities but our 9 year old DARKCHATTERs love any type of quiz or mystery solving game, especially "Armchair Detectives" (filmed just up the road from here) on television. Out of the 3 shows available "Murder Mr E " suited our time-slot best (having just come out of "Miles Jupp Interviews").


We duly met our fellow conspirators and after creating our agent and team names we were led into a beautiful old room where the story was revealed and we had 30 minutes to solve a variety of puzzles and unveil the murderer to avoid us all from suffering the same fate.


Because we didn't know each other we quickly split into different groups and there was no cohesion between us leading to plenty of confusion. We did our best but frankly none of us really knew what was going on and when the solution was revealed we were none the wiser.


My wife is still convinced "Escape Rooms" are pointless, I quite enjoyed it (although I think rooms are better with just 1 group of people and with 1 puzzle directly leading to the next) but the boys loved it. So, if you go, choose your companion(s) wisely.  




Agent November Investigates is at Stand's New Town Theatre until August 26th (not 14th)


Stand's New Town Theatre (Venue 7) 17.00