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Accident Avoidance Training

for Cutlery Users – Level 2

Darkchat had never been to the Quaker Meeting House before this year's Fringe Festival and this venue is to be commended

for the variety of shows on offer.  On Wednesday, I was completely captivated by the Sacred Dance of the Tibetan Monks

from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and returned on Friday for Ian Crawford's Cutlery Safety Lecture which was certainly a

complete contrast of style but again very enjoyable.  The sheer variety of experiences available is why we keep coming back

to the Fringe Festival year after year.  


As soon as I saw a description of 'Accident Avoidance for Cutlery Users - Level 2' in the Fringe Festival brochure back in June

(yes, we do read the brochure from cover to cover), I had a good feeling about this show, despite a degree of scepticism from

the Darkchat majority.  Eventually two other Darkchatters agreed to accompany me, as there is no point in me being

vindicated without witnesses.  And vindicated I was.


This comedy presentation is pitch perfect and the audience was on board from the outset.  The presenter had a look of deluded self importance, so familiar at training events in the workplace, whilst the presentation itself was packed full of ridiculous slogans, ludicrous scenarios and delightfully bonkers charts.


If you are wondering how on earth someone can talk amusingly about cutlery-based accidents for a hour, don't worry, halfway through the show we are introduced to an equally deluded guest speaker who lectures on a subject particularly dear to Darkchat Anne's heart.  No spoilers.


We all emerged from the show with smiles on our faces and a successfully completed training course to add to the CV (under miscellaneous).  We will be looking out for Ian Crawford in the future and, of course, spreading the Cutlery Safety message.


Sadly this was Darkchat David and Anne's last show of this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival but it was the perfect finish.





Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users – Level 2

is at The Quaker Meeting House until August 25th (not 19th)


Quaker Meeting House (Venue 40) 20.45