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 10 Films With My Dad, His Granddaughter, My Wife and Her Mother-In-Law


Back in 2012 DarkChat saw Aidan Goatley perform 10 Films with my Dad as part of the Free Fringe and enjoyed the show.  Goatley has returned a number of times with variants of the same show over the years but we took the opportunity to return to the show 5 years on to see how it had developed as it was billed as the shows last ever run.


Goatley tells us that there are 3 new jokes which is a plus, although having not seen the show myself before they were all

new so extra bonus!  The show tells of our performer’s relationship with his father played out through sharing in film

together, from him being a young boy right through to more recent cinematic juggernauts such as Avatar.


The good news is that the show is still enjoyable, it is also now in an air conditioned room, something for which performer

and audience are both grateful having no doubt all suffered some steaming hot rooms in Fringes past.  Goatley is a good

storyteller, seemingly having honed his craft over the years (which has enabled the move to the air conned room) all whilst

managing pound shops and pet shops.  The room is near full and the audience all enjoy the show, riffing well with the

performer who also invites us backstage at the Fringe as we literally see behind the curtain!


I’ve noted since on social media that the show may return to the Fringe once again as it has been a success.  The short run

for this year has now finished and whilst it would be great to see some new material from Aidan, if he does bring‘10 Films’

back in 2018 it is certainly an hour worth catching.





10 Films With My Dad, His Granddaughter, My Wife and Her Mother-In-Law is at

Sweet Grassmarket until August 11th

 Sweet Grassmarket

 Tuesday 8th August