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1000 Cranes

theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

 Tuesday 8th August 11.00




Over the years a number of schools and youth groups from across the globe have appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe with (as you’d expect) some questionable results.  Nervous young performers sometimes thousands of miles from home do not always make for the most confident of performers.  With that in mind we headed to Iolani School from Hawaii’s performance of 1000 Cranes.


We arrive and there is certainly no lack of confidence from a young lady who we soon learn to be Sadako (Sydnee Kokubun) as

she approaches the audience welcoming them in and asking our sons if they would like to join her in a few exercises and a run

to prepare for the play – they are thrilled to join her, racing around the room much to the delight of cast and audience.


The play follows adolescent Sadako through some fairly normal challenges at school and in athletics races hoping to overcome

the fastest girl at school.  As the play progresses we learn that we are in Hiroshima post-atom bomb and Sadako has some more

serious challenges to overcome.  The second act shifts to a hospital setting using simple but effective props and eventually the

stage is covered in hundreds and hundreds of colourful tiny paper cranes making for a beautiful backdrop.


The acting is generally sound for a school production and particularly good from the young ladies playing Sadako and her mother.  Given the nature of the play it is no surprise to hear that as well as smiling there is every chance you will cry as well and the level of performance is enough to drive some of the audience to tears.


Once the play has finished you get a few minutes to learn how to make your own origami crane so that you can take a physical as well as mental memento away from an hour well spent.  


Bravo to all involved.



Reviews by 8 Year Olds


It was a real story. The main characters were: Sadako, her mum and Kyo.


Sadako made 1000 cranes (the bird) in her hospital bed. We got to join in with stretches, running and dancing during the show. Her friend was the fastest girl in the school but Sadako beat her and when Sadako's friend called her brother a green faced frog he actually pretended to be a frog, it was funny.


Sadako met Kyo in hospital and they made 1000 cranes each. They gave paper to us at the end so we could make our own paper crane each. It was sad in some bits and happy in other bits. She got A-bomb disease from an A-bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima in the war. Kyo survived  but Sadako died and a statue was built of her.


Her friends decorated the statue with paper cranes.



1000 Cranes is at theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

until August 11th