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So, what can we expect from "Old School Secrets"?  


Its an all new material narrative sketch show from WitTank set in the same twisted boarding school as last year. Our three main characters remain the same but there is a whole host of new characters and a new plot.



How does it differ from "The School"?


This show sees The Headmaster, his deputy Jones and Mr. Potter, trying to figure out a mystery. We flit back and forth in time meeting new characters and going through new sketches. Although the central three characters return from last year, everything is new.



Was "Old School Secrets" easy to write?


Writing is 'never' easy, but its always fun. We set out to write a narrative sketch show with a plot and mystery vibe and that has been challenging at times but also totally worth it. We're very lucky to be working with our excellent director from last year, Adam Brace who brings out the best in us when we're writing and also tells us off when we're behaving like children.



July is historically preview time. How are they going?


Really enjoying the previews and can't wait to be up at the Fringe. Previews are always interesting as they are experimental and raw and sometimes rather rough around the edges. But you keep sanding the show down until its smooth and pretty... it is a fun and exhausting process.



What is easier to write, a series of sketches or a themed plotted show?


A series of sketches definitely.



Why are you always cast in the authoritative roles?  


Well we mix and match it really but I suppose I play the Headmaster because I have a beard and beards make you look important.



We have just seen your solo show. Is it fun being by yourself or do you miss the guys?


I love working with the guys but I also love stand up. You're with your mates when doing sketches but then you have to share all the glory.... bit of both is best!



Who was your comedy hero growing up & which comedian would you most like to share a stage with?


I loved Python. In fact i just went to see them at the O2 the other day and very much enjoyed it. i would love to say I would share a stage with them but I believe I've just watched their swansong.



What is your one tip for surviving this forthcoming month of mayhem?


I wish I had some good advice... surviving the Edinburgh Festival is something I have not yet achieved, even though this year will be my ninth year in a row. I always leave completely exhausted and then miss it and end up going back.



What would you most like to change about the Edinburgh festival?


I don't have many objections to it really. I'm sure as soon as I get up there I will be complaining about all sorts... but I think there's a lot of opportunity and free venues are getting more and more popular which is great and its a lot of fun. Actually wait, the weather. The weather is often horrible. Change the weather.



Finally, a few Wit-Tank questions:


Do you all stay together at the festival?

Yes we all live in a flat and by the end of it we all want everyone else in the flat to die.



Who is the worst of you at learning lines?

I am.



Who is the smartest dresser?




Who is the untidiest?

I am.



Who controls the Remote control?

Mark and I will fight for it.



Who has the cheesiest music selection?

We're all pretty cheesy...



What 1 Boxed Set could you all sit down & watch?

Breaking Bad any day of the week....





https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/mark-cooper-jones-geography-teacher (Winner of the DARKCHAT award for Best Free Show of 2012).



We have been firm favourites of "Wit-Tank" since finding them back in 2010 and subsequently winning the coveted DARKCHAT award for Best Comedy of 2011.


We loved "The School" in 2013 and they are back this year with "Old School Secrets". We managed to grab an interview with Naz, well it was the least he could do after accusing me of having "Laser Eyes" at a recent comedy gig in Portcawl. (Oh, yes us DARKCHAT reviewers will travel anywhere for fun).