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Was "Definitely" an easy show to write?


Bits of it yes, and bits of it, no.



What has surprised you most during your preview shows?


The ending.  I don't want to give away any spoilers, but it contains variables beyond my control.



Are you hoping for/ dreading this heatwave to continue through the Edinburgh festival?


The chance of sunshine up here would be a fine thing.  I'm poised with wellies, a brolly and a rain mac.



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?


My first full length comedy show was in 2011, but my first fringe was performing with the National Youth Music Theatre in 1999 in The George Square Theatre, in a musical called The Ragged Child.  Jamie Bell was in it too, who later went on to play Billy Elliot in the film on the same title.



Why did you come?


Um, because I wanted to put on a show.



What did you expect?


To put on a show.



How did the reality differ from your expectations?


Um, there's a poster with my name on and a show happening at 7.20pm every day. Pretty much what I expected.



What is the best thing about the festival?


The audiences.  They are some of the most comedy literate, enthusiastic audiences in the world. It's been electric so far.



What is the worst thing about the festival?


I could write a Stewart Lee style rant about how the only people not making any money at the festival are the performers, but I won't.  Not all the costs are justifiable. That's all I say on that matter.



What has changed over the years?


The show, obviously, but everything else is pretty much the same.  The venues change a bit, and the people running them, but everytime you come back, it feels like slotting back in to something you know well.



Roughly how many shows do you see each festival?


I'm doing 50 shows (25 of my own show, and 25 of the play 'Wardens' at the Assembly Roxy.)  Then there's at least 20 other small gigs on top of that.



What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?


I discovered a fab Musical Theatre/Cabaret act a few days ago on the Free Fringe, called Nikki Aitken.  21:55 @ Chiquitos.  A really great show, properly tucked away in an unknown corner of the festival.



Who is your favourite overall performer (s)?


On my 'must see' list this year are:


Charlie Baker

Grainne Maguire


The Noise Next Door



Where are your favourite places to eat and drink?


There's a lovely cafe called 'Larder' on Blackfriars Street.



What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


Making the show better everyday.




Stone cold success

We so enjoyed Vikki Stones's Edinburgh preview show in Cardiff in 2012 that DARKCHAT reviewers saw her 3 times this festival.


"Defintely" twice ( see our review on Wednesday) and " Wardens" (see our review on Tuesday).  How she managed to fit in the following interview with us, goodness knows: