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Did you enjoy your break from the Edinburgh festival last year?


It was nice to have a break from the fringe after nine years in a row! I did miss it however so very excited to be up again this year.



Did it feel odd having August to yourself?


Well I ended up filming a show called 'Bull' for UKTV and had to cancel my holiday to Portugal! So I was still full working come August but it was great fun and had a lovely cast so was really happy.



What made you decide to return this year?


I really missed stand up and get like this year I had a lot to say so I booked the show last minute and have just been gigging and working on material intensely since April. I just really missed the fringe I think.



What can we expect from "Exposure".


Well it's 95% all true. I have a rule where I'm not allowed to lie this Fringe (apart from the small 5% embellishment quota). It's a personal show and it's been refreshing to be so honest on stage.



We were delighted to see you back in the brochure, but disappointed there is no new "WitTank" show this year. Is there a reason for this?


Well we've been up many a year together and obviously had a break last year so I think we all felt that we wanted to just focus on solo stuff this year.



What is the future for "WitTank"?


We'll see



All three of you are performing solo shows. Are you all staying together?


Yes all still living together in Edinburgh. I can't really imagine being in Edinburgh in August without them...  



If  we could only see 1 show starring a WitTanker which one should we choose?


Mine definitely.  



You are appearing in a £5 to guarantee entry show ( like a lot of performers increasingly) is this a safer way to avoid financial bankruptcy during the festival?


To be honest none of us do Edinburgh for the money. Free shows have become popular because of institutions like the Free Fringe  and I think it's an excellent thing. It encourages Comedy goers to try out new stuff they might not usually and it's good for the performers in that ticket sales don't become the be all and end all. I just want to have a fun time this year with fun crowds so I thought I'd give it a go.



As you have probably noticed us DARKCHATTERs like sketch comedy. Sadly, the golden age of " The Penny Dreadfuls", " Idiots Of Ants", "The 2 Ginge, the Geordie & the Geek", " The Beta Males", yourselves & "Pappys" seem to be over. The current trend is towards Improv, Circus and pupperty. Do you agree that Sketch comedy has gone out of fashion and why do you think that might be?


I think the Golden Age of sketch comedy probably finished years ago when TV sketch shows went out of fashion. I don't think it will ever die though. It will no doubt be popular again. I love it and think it promotes and encourages storytelling which is at the basis of every good performance so it will never truly go away. Plus I'm sure there are some great newer sketch shows out there this fringe.




What is your weirdest moment on stage at the Edinburgh festival?  


On a late night WitTank show we were surprised onstage by a half naked band, a man in a monkey outfit and some eggs. It was nuts.



Your show is on at 9.00pm. How do you plan to pace your day?


I'll probably just wake up at 5pm....



Most performers appear in a variety of shows. Are you likely to pop up elsewhere?


Perhaps I'll do some other spots but right now I just want to focus on my show and try to enjoy the fringe. I want to see lots of stuff and try and enjoy the fringe rather than panic about "doing" the fringe too much.  



Which show (s) are you looking forward to seeing this year?


Ivo Graham, Nish Kimar, James Acaster and The Noise Next Door



Despite being inundated with flyers it occurred to us at DARKCHAT that as we are quite organised before we arrive we never watch a show due to a flyer. Last year we had a Flyer Day & saw the first shows we received flyers for. ( We may only have seen 3 shows that day, " Leodo-The Paradise", "Feast" & " Tom Parry -  Yellow T Shirt" but they were all so wonderful we thought we would quit while we were ahead.)

Can you suggest a theme we could adapt for this year's festival?


Only go to a show of the flyer agrees to do a little dance for you..




You can see Naz Osmanoglu: Exposure at Just The Tonic at The Mash House Venue 288

21:00 on August Aug 4th to 28th (not 15th)


Naz Osmanoglu


We have been fans of WitTank and Naz for many years and thought Edinburgh was a lesser place without him last year.


To find out why he stayed away read on: