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When we approached you last year you stated that your next play was nearly finished and you were hoping to have it ready for Edinburgh 2016 and here we are.  So, what can we expect from "Blank"?


Think about a mechanical watch, its simplicity in design, the dedication to serve its purpose of invention and the complicated machinery that runs inside it.  



You didn't seem to enjoy the writing process for "Blind Hamlet". Was writing "Blank" more enjoyable?


I prefer not to be very emotional in the course of writing a play. Writing is hard work and that makes it really enjoyable.



Do you feel relieved when you finish a play?


I feel that I'm a different person after each play. They can indicate the critical points of my life.



Will you be coming to Edinburgh this year?


Maybe next year.



You write plays that change from performance to performance. Where has this unusual style come from?


Ah! It takes a book to answer this question. .... lol....



Do you not like traditional plays , with a beginning, a middle and an end?


I like traditional plays, at least to read and watch them. I only go wild when I become the writer of my own plays.



As the festival approaches we are getting VERY excited here at DARKCHAT. As a writer will you follow the reviews of "Blank"?


I will if I know about them.



You don't make life easy for actors. Do you have anything against them?


Do I? I've always wanted to offer them a nice COMMON experience: Roles without gender, age or nationality.



"White Rabbit, Red Rabbit" goes from strength to strength. Why do you think it has struck a nerve amongst the theatre going public all over the world?


Can I be excused for not answering this one? ... lol ....  I will feel really bad when I realise I admired my own play.



What was your reaction when you heard it would be played Off  Broadway by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, etc?  


I googled their names.



What has been your strangest moment as a playwright?


In a talkback in Malaysia someone told me that I'm putting a lot of responsibility in her lap as an audience member. I felt so happy about this mutual understanding. I was surprised when I later released it wasn't a compliment. She was complaining.  



Did you have a history of attending the theatre as a child?


School theatre and very few times that my parents took me to theatre as a child.    




You can two of Nassim’s shows at this year's Fringe



18.30 Daily at Summerhall from August 5th to 28th (not 22nd)



White Rabbit, Red Rabbit

16.00 Daily at Assembly George Square Studios from August 4th-28th






Nassim Soleimanpour


Nassim Soleimanpour's “White Rabbit, Red Rabbit” (which we first saw in 2011) has been one of the Fringe's biggest International hits in recent years.


Find out what Nassim thought about it's transfer to off-Broadway with a lot of big names reading the play “Blind”.