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So, having been to a few festivals how did 2013 compare to others?


It was incredible we had such a great time this year, I feel like we've started to find our feet a little in Edinburgh. Only took 6 years :-S



DARKCHAT were up for the first this year and the audiences seemed smaller than previous years. Is there a pattern to when the biggest audiences arrive?


Yeah there tends to be more people Friday - Monday for longer weekends and I think audiences tend to pick up towards to middle of the festival. We were very lucky to have some fantastic audiences, up this year.



“The Play That Goes Wrong" was (rightly) universally praised. Are reviews important or do Mischief theatre now have a reliable fan-base?


Thank you. I really enjoy the idea of our audiences being reliable, I hope we can depend on them :-)

We like to think that reviews aren't important to us, but they really are, we love to know what people thought of the show and we've had some bigger publications this year which I think has really helped us reach a wider audience and thats really important.



This was my 14th festival & I honestly can't recall a packed audience laughing so long and so loudly. When did you first come up with the idea for the play? How long did it take to reach its final state?


Thank you again :-) The boys wrote the whole thing in about a week last November and Henry Lewis (Artistic Director) has the idea a few years ago and decided to see if he could make a full length version and make it work. I think now we're on about draft 6.5 and we've done over 150 shows, I think we're almost there.



Do you get nervous before a show and how quickly do you relax on stage?


I used to get really nervous, but I think with having done the show so many times we trust the writing and each other, but there's always that little part you that is worried that some might actually go wrong!



Does it take you long to relax after a show & do you analyse each performance?


For the scripted shows we do notes the day after, but we tend to mainly talk about improvements rather analyse each performance. With the improv stuff, we tend to sit talk about each show straight after for an hour or so. I think it helps to make each show feel important and stops it from being something that we just 'do'.


With regards to relaxing after the show, I personally find it very difficult to switch off especially at the fringe with so much going on, though, having said that I'm happy to sit in one of the many bars and have a beer for a few hours.



Mischief Theatre had two shows running. Why do you (like most performers) appear in more than one show?


A variety of reasons really, mostly that we love doing both shows. Doing two shows really helps you not to get fish bowl fever and ensures that you're doing different things everyday, especially with the improv show.



Money is always a talking point in Edinburgh . Without being rude, do you make any/much money from a critically and publicly acclaimed show? What are your biggest expenses?


This year I'm hoping we've done alright, but we won't know for certain until the settlement comes in. Our biggest expenses are always accommodation and travel for the Cast & Crew



DARKCHAT saw 53 shows in a week and without a variety of 2 for 1 offers and the Free Fringe we couldn’t have afforded to see so many. What are your thoughts about the current pricing structure?


Its a tough call when it comes to pricing, the free fringe and the deals are great and very helpful. From being on the other side of things, I do understand the pricing system, obviously we would love everything to be cheaper, but as the cost of venues increases so to must the price unfortunately.



And finally how have you relaxed since the festival?


We've taken a week off and then back to rehearsals, as a company we do get the 'post Edinburgh blues' so we try to stick together as much as we can and help each other through this hard time :-)

A Happy Mischief

DARKCHATTERS Phil & David formed their own Amateur Dramatics group this year (Wilcox Productions).  It was therefore a no-brainer to go & see “The Play That Goes Wrong”. We were soooooooo glad we did, though of course none of the antics that occurred would possibly have taken place in “A Royal Flush”.


We were therefore delighted when mirth merchant ( & Mischief Theatre’s Press Advisor) Dave Hearn gave us this interview: