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How important is it for Les Enfants Terribles to have a presence at the Edinburgh festival?


This year will be our 13th consecutive year and we are big supporters and advocates of the festival as we believe it is an amazing opportunity for a theatre company to gain experience, coverage and exposure.  We have toured the world due to the festival and booked huge UK tours as a direct consequence of regional venues seeing us up in Edinburgh. It is also an excellent chance to be reviewed from all publications both nationally and regionally.  It's also a lot of fun!



Can you guide us through the thought processes that lead you to decide what show(s) to take?


It varies each year - for this festival we are already touring Ernest and the Pale Moon so it seemed sensible for us to extend the tour in to August for the festival.  Plus we first premiered the show back in 2009 and its an excellent chance for us to return with the show now that it has grown, developed and improved.  With other shows we look at the suitability to a festival going public and our new show Menagerie seems to fit the bill for this perfectly.



So, what can we expect from The Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie?


Silliness, fun, puppetry, music and a lot of energy!  This is shaping up to be one of my favourite shows we have worked on as it has something for everyone.  In the vein of The Terrible Infants I think it will present something that all ages can enjoy at different levels.  We first developed the show as a 30 minute out door piece last year but moving it indoors and extending it is an exciting proposition and hopefully something that audiences will find very funny and entertaining - sometimes a dirty word in theatre!



Is it interesting re-visiting older work (we first saw Ernest & The Pale Moon" in 2009)?


Yes it is both exciting and extremely intriguing as it gives us the chance to see what we can improve on and presents the piece potentially to a bigger audience as we have grown considerably since 2009 and are also in a larger venue in Pleasance One.



Logistically, how do you manage running two shows at the same time?


It is difficult, challenging and tiring but the key is to have separate teams on both and an excellent production manager running each show efficiently.



Do you tend to tailor the venue to the show or vice versa?


We have an excellent and on going relationship with The Pleasance but we always think what show would work best in what space fist.  Ernest in Pleasance One I think will look great and Pleasance Beyond has the stage size for Menagerie.



Is it financially advantageous to run two shows rather than just one?


If you use the same cast and crew then it can be as accommodation can be so expensive in Edinburgh.



Finally, Les Enfants Terribles have a distinctive style. Who stirred your imagination growing up?


Our inspiration comes from many elements but we both enjoy theatre that uses every trick or effect it can without being convoluted to do so.  Story however, is vitally important to us as that is the key and the most important factor for our shows.  Further influences are people like Steven Berkoff, Tim Burton and Kneehigh.




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