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So, what can we expect from " Frankenstein - Unbolted" this year?


You’re gonna get song parodies again, classic slapstick humour and some brilliant comedy routines. This year, you’re going to get to meet Frankie, a Monster with a difference…



How much of it is written?


We’ve finally managed to finish it after about a year of planning and writing and lots of lots of drafts. We’re always tweaking though and after every rehearsal we’ve had to go home and rewrite the script to incorporate everything we’d come up with that day.



Have you started previewing yet or do you have some previews planned?


We’re halfway through them. We performed 2 at the Hen and Chickens and this weekend we’ve got another 2 at the Leicester Square Theatre. It’s great cause it gives us a chance to see what audiences think of the show. We’ve then got a week to make any changes we want (hopefully it’ll be minimal) before we head up to Edinburgh!



Do you find previews more nerve-wracking than the finished product?


You spend so long writing and rehearsing without an audience that it can become quite nerve wracking to actually put it in front of a real audience so the first few shows can be nerve wracking but the nerves soon disappear and you just get to down to enjoying running around on stage singing, sweating and swearing.



So, what memories do you have of "Dracula, Sex, Sucking  & Stardom" in 2012, good & bad?


We were really lucky and only have good memories of Dracula! We sold out over 75% of our shows, got great reviews and had so much fun meeting loads of other performers. Bad memories were how hot it was. Our show was really physical so we’d end the show and be sweating bucket loads. As soon as we finished we had to strip off down to our underwear to cool off!



Why did you give the festival a miss last year?


It’s a great place to be but unfortunately it’s also very expensive, without financial backing we just couldn’t afford it. It’s also taken us a year in itself to plan and write the next show. All 3 of us are also solo actors in our own right so we go off and do other projects as well.



When did you first come to Edinburgh and why?


We first came up in the summer of 2009 when the clothing company White Stuff asked us to write a show about a Caravan to help promote themselves in Edinburgh. We wrote a 30 min show about a dog and a caravan and performed it for 2 weeks in Bristo Square. We were so young and naive though. We knew nothing about the festival and how it worked. We learnt a lot the hard way that year!



What did you expect?


We thought we were gonna take the festival by storm, what we didn’t realise was quite how big it was and how many different acts were up there. We watched so many shows that year, we couldn’t get enough of it!



How did reality differ from expectations?


We did really well for a free show, our average audience was about 25/30. But it was difficult for us as we weren’t in the Fringe brochure and nobody knew about us. It was good experience though as the next time we came up to edfringe we made sure everyone knew who we were!



What is the:


Best thing about the Edinburgh festival?

The people. Everyone is so friendly, accommodating and supportive.


Worst thing about the Edinburgh festival?  

The third week in when you’re shattered from flyering, doing your show and partying hard. And then having to get up in the morning to go watch a mates show!



When we saw "Dracula" you were an actor short due to illness and had to use another actor ( who was very good). Was this a very stressful time?


It was tough, we didn’t want to cancel as there were lots of people booked in so we asked a mate of ours who was doing a one woman show and she amazingly said yes. Literally 2 rehearsals later  she was ready to go. It turned out really well but it was a manic few days.



What is your top tip for surviving this month of mayhem?


I mean I could say things like: have a few nights off, eat sensibly and don’t drink too much but that’s just not fun. Enjoy yourself, don’t take it too seriously and just relish the fact that you’re part of the biggest and best festival in the world.



Who is your favourite Edinburgh performer(s)?  


We seen so many great shows but we have to confess we’re big fans of Pappys. Very funny sketch comedy from guys who been there, done it and got the tshirt.




Last Chance Saloon


In 2012 DARKCHAT happened upon Last Chance Saloon's "Dracula, Sex,Sucking & Stardom" and loved it.


We missed them last year but hurrah they are back with "Frankenstein-Unbolted". We, honestly can't wait. Read their lovely interview & book to see their show. You won't be disappointed.