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Was "The Play That Goes Wrong" an easy show to write?


I didn't write it myself, it was written by Jonathan Sayer, Henry Lewis & Henry Shields. The whole thing was based on an idea that Henry Lewis had a few years ago and they spent a few weeks developing it. They brought it us and we added and changed a few things. I think we're on about our 6th draft now.



What surprised you most during your preview shows and has anything surprised you so far in Edinburgh?


We found moving the show to new space a real challenge, probably more of a challenge than we had hoped. The shows at Trafalgar were very intimate so it was easy to do smaller gags and  we got used that. Now we are in a much bigger space we've have to learn how to change the show on he fly to make work in a new theatre.



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?


This is the companies 6th year at the festival, but our first year with something that is strictly scripted.



Why did you come?


The fringe has become a bit of the second home to the company, we really look forward to coming back here each year so we can hide away in the bubble of Edinburgh and not have to worry about the rest of the world. We get make people laugh and make each other laugh, as well as meet so many new people.



What did you expect?





How did the reality differ from your expectations?


Less rain.



What is the best thing about the festival?


I guess the best thing is having a platform to do your show. No matter what people are doing there is a place and audience for it here.



What is the worst thing about the festival?


The shear volume of competition, having so many shows here I think is the fringe's vice and virtue. We've been really lucky in that we have made a lot of friends over the years and we all work to support each other.



What has changed over the years?


A/ For the better 

The quality of shows keeps getting better.


B/ For the worst 

More expensive :-(



Roughly how many shows do you see each festival?


Between us we try and see as many as we can, but there often clashes, but we'll all try and see at least one show a day.



What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?


This year I went to see Foil, Arms & Hog do their sketch show and they are very funny!



Who is your favourite overall performer (s)?





Where are your favourite places to eat and drink?


We have a company meal every year at the start of the festival at The Filling Station on the mile, good cocktails and great steaks!



What were/are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?


I personally always look forward to seeing the shows that started at the same time as we did 6 years ago and seeing how they have progressed. Also I was really excited to take up a scripted piece from London and see if it could work up here :-)


What can go Wrong?

One of our most looked forward to shows this year was "The Play That Goes Wrong". (Look out for our  review, we weren't disappointed).


The superbly funny Dave Hearn took a few moments out of entertaining the folks of Edinburgh and kindly answered some questions for us: