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So, what can we expect from " The Face Show" this year?


Me trying to come to terms with the fact that I have got a face and the fact that other people have faces too.



How much of it is written?


About two stars worth.



Is it easy to come up with an idea for a new show? It has been so far.


This is my third solo show. My first show was about the colour yellow because I like the colour yellow, my second show was about the sky because I like the sky, and this show is about faces.



Do you like to do a lot of previews before Edinburgh?


I like to do a few. I have done more previews each year. I do like to go up to Edinburgh with a fresh show though, I want to be excited about it and develop the show throughout the fringe. The shows I have done so far have been very different by the end of August from the start.



Do you enjoy previews or are they a necessary evil?


I think it is good to do some, you've got to try and hit the ground running up there haven't you? Previews are just preparation aren't they and preparation is important when it comes to standing up for an hour in front of people you don't know who want you to be good at what you do because there are lots of other things they could have gone to see and you better not be a waste of time because if you are then they will let you know about it and also tell other people.



Most comedians like to be in more than one show at the festival. Do you plan to get involved with other shows or will that just evolve nearer the time?  


Last year I did quite a few ten minute slots, I will hopefully be doing some of those. They are a good way of trying to get people along to your own show.  I know some people are involved in organising two to three shows a day. I'm not sure if I could do that.  Doing one show a day seems to send me to the edge.  I want to try to put everything into the Face show and anything else secondary I think.



Apart from speaking to a bemused Vanessa Feltz on live radio did winning the best joke of last year's Edinburgh festival affect your life at all?


Promoters of nights that I am performing at write 'Winner of Dave's joke of the Fringe' to describe me. They didn't do that before.



What has happened to Rob Auton in the last 9 months?  


The main thing that has happened to me is that I have started putting potato waffles on top of toast before I put scrambled eggs on top of both. The first time I did this I wanted to phone someone up. Why are waffles so nice? I would love it if potatoes came out of the ground like that. Hot. You would get mud in the holes though. What else has happened to me?  I got food poisoning on Christmas Eve and didn't eat anything until Boxing day night. Thanks Jesus.



What is your top tip for surviving this month of mayhem?


Eat more fruit than normal. I can never eat five pieces of fruit in a day. It seems unattainable. When I worked in an office I was eating the free fruit all the time. One day I had 8 bits of fruit. Did I feel good? Not that much better than I do when I have one apple in the morning to be honest. At the Fringe though I do try and eat a bit more fruit. I think it is very important to have routine at the Fringe. Find a supermarket where you can get your supplies and go there everyday. Get to know the people who work there. Get them to come to your show.



Is there any particular performer you are looking forward to seeing this festival?


Brian Gittins if he is up there.  I think he is the funniest person I have seen do live comedy.



Rob, we are interested in knowing how the Free Festival works. Do you have any control over what venues & time-slot you get?  


Not really. You get asked what time and venue you would like and the organisers try their best to give you what you want or the closest they can achieve.  I think the more you do it the more you build up a relationship with the people and you can work together to find a solution.



When did you last eat a Wispa?  


Someone came to the show last year and gave me two multipacks of Wispas so it was probably then.




Rob Auton is performing daily at 16:00 at Banshee Labyrinth

For details of his previews and other performances check his website here  

Wispa it quietly, Rob's a winner


Last year comedian/ poet Rob Auton won 2 prestigious awards, The DARKCHAT award for Best Free Show and Dave's Best Joke at the 2013 Edinburgh festival.


To find out if these awards have changed his life read on, in the meantime we're off to scramble some eggs, and grab some waffles and toast.