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We like Ashley Frieze, he cheered us up once on a bus when things looked like getting really uncheery, we caught up with him as he prepared for his show at this year's Free Fringe.



Ashley Frieze first came to our attention during our first show of the 2008 Fringe.

The Comedy Bus was not quite what we had hoped,  the first comedian left a lot to

be desired and the 'replacement' bus was not as luxurious as the one we were

expecting. Fortunately, the comedy music act of Ashley Frieze saved the night,

not just his songs and banter but also his talent of timing a punch-line to coincide

with the traffic lights as we toured Edinburgh.


We bumped into him again at the Great British Picnic (both reviews can be found

under our 2008 section) ultimately leading him to win the DARKCHAT special

award that year.


In 2010 he returned with his first solo show " Seven Deadly Sings" (review can

be found in our 2010) section and last year he provided " Seven Deadly

Sings remastered".


This year he is back with a new show. We recently caught up with him to find out more about the new show and have also

included some questions he's answered for us before to help you get to know him.



"I've been a song-writer for 10 years now, almost to the day. I've recorded and released a bunch of songs, but do I really know

what it takes to make the perfect song?


This show is about songwriting and tries to find the formula for the perfect song as I chart my attempt to write that tricky second album.  The show premieres in Brighton soon, it's nerve wracking, but it's great to have these early deadlines so I can get into polishing and rewriting the show as early as possible."



When was your 1st Edinburgh festival?

  I first went in 1994, seeing the likes of Richard Herring and Stewart Lee in

  little rooms in the pleasance. I didn't perform until 2003.



 Why did you come?

 I had friends in Edinburgh who encouraged me, and I have always loved comedy.



  What did you expect?

  I expected to see some shows and see some celebrities walking

  around the streets. I had few real expectations.



  How did the reality differ from your expectations?

  It's never really been that big an expectations gap for me.



    What is the best thing about the festival?

Shows. Thousands of them. Big brilliant experiences.


    What is the worst thing about the festival?

Fighting through crowds, especially when your energy levels are waning.


    What has changed over the years -

    A/ For the better

There are more and more switched on audience members, who really are there to look for shows

and make the most of the festival.


    B/ For the worst?

There are now too many shows - it seems to be an expectation of acts to rush their hour long show to the Fringe

before they're ready.


    Roughly how many other shows to you see each festival?



    What was your favourite Edinburgh show to watch?

Pappy's - pretty much any of their shows have been a highlight, though 200 sketches in 1 hour was

probably their finest hour.


    What was your worst Edinburgh show to watch?

Roger Strokes Live and Ungloved in 2004. This was a show which really really really should have known

better. In my post-show review, I get it minus 1. It was offensively poor.


    Who is your favourite overall perfomer (s)?

Pappy's - the perfect Fringe show team.


    What is your favourite venue?

Underbelly - the only venue I've paid to use.


    What is your favourite place to eat?

Edinburgh is not really a place for fine dining during the Fringe.

Kilimanjaro on Nicholson Street is probably my favourite cafe.


    What is your favourite place to drink?

You can't beat the Pleasance Courtyard for atmosphere... except you'll queue for hours at the bar.



    What are you most looking forward to in Edinburgh this year?

Performing tons of shows and seeing as much as I can - same as every year.



Discograffiti is at Laughing Horse Espionage. 11th to 26th August at 3.45pm

Ashley is also currently previewing the show at the Brighton Fringe

You can get further information at www.discograffiti.co.uk

or on Twitter where he is @ashleyfrieze