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DarkChat Q&As

In an effort to make us DarkChatters seem more real we've compiled a few Q&As explaing a little about our reviewers and their relationship with the Fringe Festival.

We start with Dai Legs.

Q/ What did you expect at your 1st Edinburgh festival?

A/ Not a lot if i'm truthful. I expected comedy but wasn't sure what sort of quality to expect. Only had one big real name to really look forward to and for that I did have apprehensions'.

Q/ How did the reality differ from your expectations?

A/ Well, where to start? A couple of free shows and lesser known names blowing away the supposed big name (Dylan Moran). A very nice suprising week away with many comedy names I would never have heard of being
brought to my attention.

Q/ What is the best thing about the festival?

A/ A toughie, but I suppose the atmosphere. There's a buzz about it that I've never got anywhere else. Everyone out
for a good time, everything happening everywhere you go. Thats no offence to the shows but it wouldn't be the same seeing these shows elsewhere.

Q/What is the worst thing about the festival?

A/Going home. If i'm not allowed that then not being able to leave dreadful cheap shows. But thats part of the genius of edinburgh.

Q/ What was your favourite Edinburgh show?

A/ Barry And Stuart. not truly a funny show but something different that i found spellbinding.

Q/ What was your worst Edinburgh show?

A/ There's a few contenders, but the awful Terrors of the Black museum wins this. Just because of how seriously they must've taken it to attempt to write something that thought provoking and funny and falling flat on its face.

Q/ Who was your favourite overall perfomer (s)?

A/ I'd have to say the Penny Dreadfuls win this. Simply for the welsh butchers are still endellibly marked in my mind from two years ago. Might've not been at their best last year but still fantastic performers.

Q/ What was your favourite venue?

A/Simply because of the sheer quality of shows we seen, The Caves.

Q/ What was your favourite place to eat?

A/ The Baguette Express

Q/ What was your favourite place to drink?

A/ The Counting House. Possibly the best glasses we drunk from and fabulous place to watch the football. Though The Beehive had a varied collection of ales. The Jekyll and Hyde would've won if it had more selection in ales.
Because that is just a wonderful themed pub.

Q/What will you miss most about Edinburgh this year?

A/ Is it a bit too cheesy to write everything? Maybe. But I suppose it would be regrouping at the end of the
night and discussing the shows we've seen with a glass of wine. Wonderful times.

The one thing I wont miss though, lugging around luggage around the airport and to the flat. But I suppose thats part of edinburgh too. Ahhh so many good memories.